Facebook management tools for business

Dynamically engage your audience with a powerful set of tools to manage your Facebook Pages, Group and Messenger conversations.

Facebook management tools for business

Tools to Manage Multiple Facebook Pages and Groups

Vista Social’s Facebook integration includes publishing, reputation and response management tools for Pages, Groups and Messenger as well as rich analytics. Plan content, engage your audience, collaborate as a team and measure efforts from a single platform.

Tools to Manage Multiple Facebook Pages and Groups

Create Engaging Facebook Content

Plan, create and publish engaging posts with a centralized content calendar, intuitive workflows and creative tools for Facebook publishing.

Manage Conversations & Build Relationships

Never miss a comment, wall post, Review or Messenger conversation with a unified inbox and powerful social CRM tools for engagement.

Benchmark Your Facebook Performance

Gather paid and organic insights for one or many Facebook Pages and Groups to measure fan growth, analyze engagement and track post performance.

Simplify Facebook Content Development & Profile Posting

Easily Create & Deliver Posts

Draft posts for one or many Facebook Pages — upload videos, attach images from a Media Library, apply targeting and add tags.

Manage the Content Calendar

Easily review and manage Facebook content from a central publishing calendar—quickly filter by tag, profile and date.

Seamlessly With Approval Workflow

Vista’s built-in approval workflow is perfect for legal, compliance, agency collaboration or peer review.

Simplify Facebook Content Development & Profile Posting

Efficiently Manage FacebookPages and Groups as a Team

Manage the Social Inbox as a Team

Prevent duplication of efforts with team tools—mark as complete, view audit trails and track real-time progress.

Stay Productive With Intuitive Workflows

Streamline Facebook Page management with message tagging, task routing and real-time status updates for team wide visibility.

Easily Customize Page Access & Governance

Organize teams and Pages to fit your needs—great for agencies, multi-location or global businesses.

Efficiently Manage FacebookPages and Groups as a Team

Take your Facebook Marketing to the Next Level



Import and schedule multiple social posts across different profiles and networks simultaneously. Save time and aid in planning by queuing up various posts in advance.

Optimal send times

Optimal send times

Utilize optimization algorithms to automatically schedule content to post at the times proven to generate engagement from your social audiences.

Approval workflow

Approval workflow

Generate workflows to guide the submission, review and approval of messages to maintain oversight, safeguard brand standards and simplify collaboration.

Media integrations

Media integrations

Utilize built-in media libraries to easily keep your images and videos organized. Easily upload new media. Utilize discover features to find great images, gifs and videos to share.

Content finder

Content finder

Find timely and engaging content from across social media to supplement original content or find inspiration.

First like

First like

Drop a first like on your post to get more engagement on your post! It also makes your post look that much better!

Post queues

Post queues

Setup predefined times of when you would like to post for each profile. This allows for lightning fast, error free scheduling.

First comment

First comment

Kick start your engagement with a first comment. Great place to keep all of your hashtags too!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Vista Social?

Vista Social is a social media management and optimization platform for brands and agencies of all sizes. Our platform gives you a single hub for social media publishing, analytics and engagement across all of your social profiles.

Who uses Vista Social?

Vista Social is used by brands and marketing agencies around the world, in industries ranging from education, hospitality, fashion, tech, digital marketing agencies and everything in between.

How does the free trial work?

Your free trial lets you explore Vista Social with no credit card needed for 14 days! You can subscribe to a monthly or an annual plan at any time during the trial or once it ends.

What are the pros of Vista Social?

There are plenty of benefits to using Vista Social such as the ability to manage all your social profiles from a single platform, in-depth analytics to understand how your brand is performing on social and an easy way to collaborate with coworkers or clients. We are constantly growing and adding new features that make it easier for our customers to communicate and engage with their audiences on social.

Is Vista Social free?

We do offer a completely free version intended for those that are just getting started on social media. This free version offers the essentials of running your social media such as publishing, reporting, and reviews.

How do I request a demo of Vista Social?

Sometimes a call isn’t enough. If you’re interested in a more personalized video overview to get started with Vista Social, we’re more than happy to meet you that way. You can set that up here!

What are Vista Social’s features?

Vista Social provides a variety of features including tools for analytics, engagement, publishing, monitoring and listening.

Can I create social media reports with Vista Social?

Yes, you can create and send unlimited presentation-ready reports in Vista. With Vista Social’s suite of reports, your brand can track metrics related to audience growth, reach, impressions, engagement and more. Also, with our Report Builder you can create custom reports with the metrics most important to your brand.

Does Vista Social have direct Instagram publishing?

Yes! You can schedule reels, videos and carousels with up to 10 images and videos to Instagram. You can also tag users, prodcuts and locations in your posts. Grid preview is available to better plan your content. Automatically post up to 5 comments.

Does Vista Social have direct Facebook publishing?

Yes! You can schedule reels, videos, images, carousels and slideshows to Facebook pages and groups. Location tagging, posting additonal comments and organic targetting is also avaialble for Facebook.

Does Vista Social have direct TikTok publishing?

Yes! You can schedule videos to TikTok business and creator fund profiles. No extra apps to install. No reminders. Videos are uploaded and published straight to TikTok profiles using official TikTok API.

What is the Inbox?

The Inbox gives you visibility into your incoming social media messages across Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and Google Business, all in a single stream. You can use the Smart Inbox to monitor, reply and filter through messages.

Do you offer training?

Yes, we host weekly webinars for teams where we walk the users through the platform and answer questions.

How does the support work?

You can always contact the support right from your dashboard using a real-time Intercom-powered chat. Our fanatical support team will make every effort possible to help you. If necessary, the support team can be available via phone, zoom, skype, and many other forms of communication.

Is there a Vista Social browser extension?

Yes. You can download our Google Chrome and Firefox extensions to share content from around the web.

Does Vista Social have a mobile app?

Yes! We have a fully featured mobile app for both IOS and Android that you can download and use for scheduling of content!

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Vista Social helps you understand and reach your audience, engage your community and measure performance with the only all-in-one social media management with easy-to-use features like publishing, engagement, reviews, reports and listening.